My Singing Monsters Update 2.0.4

All New 2.0.4 update! My Singing Monsters welcomes the Werdos in the all new 2.0.4 update!   Two New Monsters Welcome the Werdos! A whole new breed of Monsters are… Read More

The New Jammer Splash!

Jump into the world of Jammer Splash! Available worldwide now! Match 3 with the Monsters! Meet your new favorite puzzle game! Jammer Splash! is the My Singing Monsters match 3… Read More

My Singing Monsters: Season of Love

Love is in the air! Seasonal content on Air Island!   Seasonal Monster Schmoochle has returned… The herald of the Season of Love has flown back to their favorite Island… Read More

My Singing Monsters: Coloring Book Update 1.1

All New 1.1 Update! Overflowing with new content! Brand New Book It’s the Season of Love! A brand new book is now available featuring Schmoochle and the Season of Love!… Read More

My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire Update 1.10

All New 1.10 update! Make new friends and bring them front and center with the 1.10 update! All New Volume Slider Take Control of your Continent! Bring your favorite Singing… Read More

12 Days of Yay Shopping List

  12 Days of Yay Shopping List Looking for the perfect gift for the Prospective Monster-Handler in your family? We’ve got you covered with the top 12 My Singing Monsters… Read More


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