A Whole Litter of New Content

The latest update to Jungle Guardians introduces an exciting new gameplay feature: baby animals! Healthy young animals are the key to repopulating endangered species — and they’re pretty cute, too. In addition to baby animals, Update 1.3 adds graphics optimizations and helpful in-app purchases to give you a head start on saving the jungle.

Baby Chilla Fox

Great Things Come In Small Packages

Jungle Guardians now offers a Breeding Center to add to your animal sanctuary. Here, endangered animals can be bred to produce adorable offspring and strengthen their species’ population. You can then raise and nurse your baby animals until they’re ready to return to the wild!

Breeding Center

Get Started on the Right Paw

Update 1.3 introduces all-new in-app purchases containing premium currency, energy, and other helpful resources. These special packs can give you a head  start on building your animal sanctuary or give you a little extra boost when you need it — the choice is yours!

Premium CurrencyGrant Funds


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