Fan Content Policy

The Monster-Handlers love seeing all the creations that our community puts together to share their love of My Singing Monsters. We also know that our users want to use in-game assets to make some of the cool stuff they send in. Knowing this we have created the following guidelines as a way of addressing any questions fans might have about the use of Big Blue Bubble’s intellectual property (IP).

Our Fan Content Policy outlines your use of any of Big Blue Bubble’s copyrights and trademarks regarding the My Singing Monsters property, this includes in-game assets, marketing material, physical goods, and any related Fan collateral provided by anyone from Big Blue Bubble (“Big Blue Bubble Assets”) for Fan Content Purposes.Big Blue Bubble takes abuse of My Singing Monsters assets seriously, and there will be no warnings in regards to any violation of this policy.


Fan Content and Fan Content only

Use of Big Blue Bubble Assets will only be used for the purpose of displaying, identifying, highlighting, and discussing Big Blue Bubble’s products for non-commercial gain, and as permitted by this Fan Content Policy. In no way are you permitted to create a new product or content for marketing and/or advertising using Big Blue Bubble assets, this includes new games or media using the Big Blue Bubble assets, even if they are free for users. Players are permitted to use assets for the non-commercial creation of such assets as Fan Art, Meet Ups, Discussion, Videos, Fan Pages, Guides, and Fan Gameplay Videos etc.

Respect the Brand

Big Blue Bubble works hard on our corporate and game brands, and as such asks that users continue to respect what they have done. Users cannot create the impression that Big Blue Bubble is a sponsor or creator of or otherwise endorses Fan Content. Users cannot create any materials from the Big Blue Bubble Assets that are similar to Big Blue Bubble’s logos, trademarks or other elements of their products and services. Users can not modify Big Blue Bubble Assets without express permission. Big Blue Bubble also asks that disclaimers be contain in fan content. It is important to include the following notice (or a substantially similar ‘unofficial notice’ notice) in a font legible to end users of the Fan Content in connection with your use of Big Blue Bubble Assets: “This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Big Blue Bubble. Big Blue Bubble is not responsible for its content. For more information please consult Big Blue Bubble’s Fan Content Policy.

Our Logos

Users may not in any circumstance use the Big Blue Bubble logo alongside any of their content. At no time may the creator state, imply or create any impression that their content is sponsored by or created by Big Blue Bubble. Likewise you cannot create any form of content that is similar to any Big Blue Bubble Trademarks, Logos, or any element of Big Blue Bubble property.

No Commercial Activity

Users are not permitted to charge a fee of any kind (including in-app functionalities) from customers or visitors to your Fan Content, unless Big Blue Bubble has expressly approved this. However, you may generally monetize your Fan Content by using advertisements. As a note of caution though, if you do use ads, ensure they comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and developer policies.

Keep it Online:

Big Blue Bubbles games are online, so let’s keep Fan Content online as well. Users are not permitted to manufacture or distribute (regardless if it’s free) physical items such as clothing that contain any Big Blue Bubble Assets or other Big Blue Bubble intellectual property without a separate, express written agreement between you and Big Blue Bubble.

Keep it Friendly:

Big Blue Bubble strives to create a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere within My Singing Monsters. As such the creation of any Fan Content must keep this in mind. As such there will be no use of Big Blue Bubble assets in connection to any Fan content that (i) Promotes acts such as violence, sexually explicit activity, substance abuse, discrimination or any illegal activities (ii) makes any references to cheating, or hacking any Big Blue Bubble games or (iii) contains any content that could be deemed harmful by Big Blue Bubble.

Share it with the Community:

We love every piece of art we receive, and we really enjoy sharing it with the rest of the community. Big Blue Bubble reserves the right to distribute, edit and copy any Content on a royalty free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, transferable, sub-licensable worldwide basis, without having to seek permission, approval, or offering compensation. Sorry about all the legal gibberish, but Reebro and Cybop agree that this is very important.



Big Blue Bubble’s legal team never wants us to be placed at risk by any piece of Content that does not follow the policies set forth here. Because of this, content creators have to keep in mind that should Big Blue Bubble or any of our Partners or Affiliates have legal action brought against them due to Inappropriate Fan Content, the creator will be held accountable and responsible for any legal fees and/or costs related to the lawsuit.

Written Permission

Sometimes players are able to contact our team to ask them questions via social media channels, this does not count as acceptable consent or permission as outlined in the above policy. To receive consent please contact us at if we feel your Project is acceptable within our Fan Policy you will receive a reply containing Big Blue Bubble letterhead containing the official consent to go forward.

Unpublished Information and Feedback

Should Big Blue Bubble ever release information to an individual regarding any unpublished material; they must keep that information to themselves and not disclose it to anyone. Also should Big Blue Bubble receive any feedback on the material including information or suggestions regarding our games or brand, it is understood that it may be used without any obligation to the user.

Fan Meetups

If you are looking to organize a fan meetup, it is considered “Fan Content” under this Policy. Although we are awesomely excited about unofficial fan meetups, there are a few rules we want our amazing fans to keep in mind when organizing them.

As with all Fan Content, please remember that you are responsible for ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations. Big Blue Bubble does not take responsibility for fan meetups and you must make this clear for anyone attending or otherwise being involved with the fan meetup. You are solely responsible for everything related to the fan meetup and your compliance with this Policy.

Please make sure that you have informed the relevant authorities of the fan meetup and that you have sufficient permissions to organize it from authorities, venue owners and other involved parties

Terms of Use

Big Blue Bubble reserves the right to determine what type of Fan Content they are OK with and may revoke the limited use license in this Policy at any time and for any reason.

This Policy is part of the Big Blue Bubble Terms of Service, and they may modify them at any time. When using Big Blue Bubble Assets for Fan Content purposes, the user is subject to the Big Blue Bubble Terms of Service (including any warranty disclaimers and limitations of liability).

If at any point a term of this Policy conflicts with a term of the Terms of Service, this Policy takes precedence with respect to any issues related to Fan Content.

Big Blue Bubble understands that our Fan Policy is a living document and reserves the right to update it at any time. This policy was last updated, on September 21st, 2015.