Face Melting High Scores

Nothing is more important than a high score, not an SAT, GPA, LSAT, MD, PhD, tax score, or whatever useless degree millennials are getting lately. Home Arcade is a non-stop high score challenge that will remind you of the good old days of clear soda, fast cars, and luscious mullets.

Captain Whiskers - Purminator

An Entire Arcade

Home Arcade is packed with 10 fast paced, retro games that can be described as both radical and awesome! Avoid your wicked werewife in Kicked to the Curb, twist yourself with some mystical diving action in The Great Dive Vinci, or you can even rid the World of the menace of Dogkind in Purrminator. All these games and more come packed for free in Home Arcade!

Home Arcade

Challenge Your Friends

There are stranger things than challenging your friends at 4 in the morning to a game of Dee’s Nuts, but none of them are more important than proving you are the greatest nut handler in the entire Home Arcade. So prove it by challenging your friends, winning the game, and posting your high scores!

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