Travel Back in Time

With an existing network of tens of millions of monthly active users from the original hit game - fans will fall in love all over again here, playing with the Singing Monsters in their younger days. Experience unbound creativity with exciting new magical creatures, islands, decorations, quests, catchy tunes, community integration, and surprises galore!

Master the Intricate

The Fire element sparks a whole new array of Singing Monsters to life, with innovative new features and functionality, including an inventive crafting system and world-building customization of decorations, structures, and islands. Grow crops in the Garden! Whip goodies in the Bakery! Blend something yummy in the Juicer! Your monsters will love you for it!

Trade Your Way to the Top

Begin selling and trading crafted items in the Marketplace among your friends and foes! This new social feature enables you to sell any items collected, from crystals to food, in exchange for a handsome reward. So no need to throw those apples away - set your price and watch other players bid away!

Meet The Singing Monsters

  • Kayna

    Happy and Heart-warming Fire elemental

  • Mammott

    Pint-sized cutie rocking a deep rumbly voice

  • Stogg

    Playful performer awoken from ancient times

  • Boskus

    Nimble-knee’d and notable-nosed

  • Flowah

    Acts tough but a real softie after a tickling

  • Whaddle

    A whimsical and wondrous weaver of song

  • Phangler

    It’s no fish out of water – it sings along swimmingly

  • Glowl

    A spirited being brimming with life and music

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