• Where Do I Find My Friend Code?

    Press the arrow button in the bottom right hand side of your screen to expand the main menu. Tap the Friends button and choose My Profile. From here you can check your Friend Code, change your Display Name, and add a Personal Message for your Friends.

  • How Do I Breed Monsters?

    In order to breed a Monster, you need to use the Breeding Structure and have two different species of Monsters at level 4 or higher. However you’ll have to figure out the combinations on your own!

  • Why Can’t I Add A Newly Hatched Monster To The Continent?

    Each monster occupies a certain number of beds, which are managed in the Castle. The number of beds a specific monster occupies can be found in the Monster’s info section. If the Monster you are trying to place requires more beds than the Castle has available, you can add more beds by upgrading the castle or you can sell an existing monster to make room for the new monster.

  • What Are Crystals?

    Crystals can be found hiding on the Continent. Each Land on the Continent has a different type of Crystal, like the Vegidian Crystal’s on the Plant Land. Check back often to collect them!

  • How Do I Get Coins?

    Coins are earned by fulfilling Monster orders and completing goals.

  • How Can I Use My Coins?

    You can use your coins to purchase new things for the Continent, like Monsters, Decorations, and Structures!

    You can also use your Coins to Buy items other players are Selling on the Market!

  • What Is The Market?

    Monster-Handler Matt can tell you all about it in the Market tutorial video!

  • How Do I Earn Diamonds?

    Diamonds can be earned by completing goals! Sometimes they can be found around the Continent when removing trees!

  • What Are Goals?

    Goals can be found on the top left hand side of the screen under your level bar. By tapping on the Goals icon, you’ll find a list of available goals to complete. Completing goals can reward you with gold, XP, and even Diamonds!

  • What Is The Bulletin Board?

    The Bulletin Board is where you can find all the news and information for sales and specials. Be sure to check it often to keep up to date on all the latest news about Dawn of Fire!

  • What Is The Mailbox?

    Any items from the Monster Handlers, as well as any receipts for purchases you make are found in your Mailbox.

  • How Do I Change My Display Name?

    Press the arrow button in the bottom right hand side of your screen to expand the main menu. Tap the Friends button and choose My Profile .From here you can change your Display Name, check your Friend Code, and add a Personal Message for your Friends.

  • How Do I Rename A Monster?

    Tap on the Monster whose name you’d like to change, select Info. From here, you can tap on the Pencil to rename your Monster!

  • How Do I Remove Obstacles?

    To remove an obstacle, tap on the obstacle, and then tap on the remove button at the bottom right of the screen. Removing obstacles costs Crystals, but can reward you with new items like Diamonds and Seedlings!

  • What Are Seedlings And How Can I Use Them?

    Seedlings are found when you remove Trees from the Continent; you can use them to craft Decorations once you reach level 7!

  • How Do I Create Crafting Items?

    Crafting items are created in Structures like the Fruit Tree or the Garden. Each Structure can produce different items. New items and structures are unlocked as you level up in the game.

  • How Do I Know The Recipe To Craft An Item?

    When you are in a Structure and see an item you would like to make, tap and hold your finger over the item to show the item’s Recipe.

  • How Do I Make Decorations?

    At level 7 you unlock the Workshop. In the Workshop there are two buttons, tap the Decoration button. This menu shows all the Decorations you can craft for the Continent. When you make a new Decoration, it is kept in the Store until you need it. This means it takes up no room in your vault.

  • What Happens When My Vault Is Full?

    Sometimes you just make too many items and fill up your vault. To make sure you always have room, you can upgrade your vault and increase the amount of storage using Crystals! If you have to get rid of just a few items, you can chose to delete them while in the Vault menu.

  • How Do I Use The Teleporter?

    You can click on the Teleporter to check if Monsters are ready to be sent to a new Island where they can grow and learn new songs! When a Monster reaches the correct level, you will be able to visit the Teleporter and send them to the Island you select – keep in mind that some Monsters can only be sent to specific Islands! You can check all Monsters on your Continent that are eligible for which Island by selecting an Island from the Teleporter and scrolling through the list.

  • What Is In The Wondermine?

    The Wondermine is full of goodies for your Monsters to discover! You can send them to explore inside and you never know just what goodies they might come back with! Sending a monster into the Wondermine removes them from the Continent until their search is done.

  • Will My Monster Be Safe?

    Your Monsters are always safe in the Wondermine. A sign will be placed in their spot on the Continent while they hunt for goodies, and you can always tap on the sign to check in on them.

  • Where Are My Castles For Other Parts Of The Continent?

    There is only one Castle on the Dawn of Fire Continent for all your monsters. If you need more beds on your Continent, you can teleport or sell existing monsters to make room.

  • I Need Help! How Do I Contact Support?

    Fill out the form here to contact support. Make sure to describe your problem and include your Display Name and Friend Code if you know them.


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