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My Singing Monsters Composer is an all-new mobile game from the My Singing Monsters series! My Singing Monsters Composer brings together your favorite Monsters, plus an easy-to-use music editor, and lets you compose your own original songs for the Monsters to perform on a never-before-seen Island. You can even play offline!

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My Singing Monsters Composer


Charming Musical Monsters

My Singing Monsters Composer features dozens of lovable Monsters from the My Singing Monsters franchise. You can combine the unique vocal, percussive, and instrumental sounds of each Monster to create your own original compositions!

Watch Your Monsters Perform


Intuitive Music Editor

Enjoy an intuitive music editor and helpful tutorials that ensure that Monster-Handlers of all ages and skill levels can easily create monstrously fun melodies. Plus the music editor now includes more tracks than ever before! My Singing Monsters Composer is also an excellent way to practice musical notation and songwriting.

Intuitive Music Editor


Powerful Composing Tools

Music lovers will appreciate the wide array of tools at their disposal when composing creative melodies. You can compose your tunes using the game’s built-in keyboard, or by placing notes directly on the staff.



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