Check Yourself Into Update 2.3

Give your Monsters a little Party or Space Island getaway in their Outer Island Hotels, get ready for new Prismatics, and enjoy an improved Monster Collection screen.

My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire Update 2.3

Want to Discover the Dawn of Fire?

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What’s New

Reveal Video

Come on over here… and check out our new video revealing My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire Update 2.3!

Outer Island Hotels

Are your Outer Islands bursting at the seams with Prismatic Monsters? Have no fear! You can now place unique Hotels on Party and Space Island to give your Monsters a little vacation.

Hotels on Party and Space Island

New Prismatic Monsters (Coming Soon!)

Look forward to new Prismatics emerging from the Prism Gate in the coming weeks.

New Prismatics Coming Soon

Improved Monster Collection Screen

Your Monster Collection will now showcase all your Prismatic Monsters! Plus it will keep track of any Monster you place – not just the Monsters hanging out on your Continent or Outer Islands right now.

Prismatics in the Monster Collection Screen

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