Our first dev update!

June 19 2019

Hey there – this is Michael, Jordan, and Dino and welcome to our first dev update!

With the game officially being revealed last week at the Kinda Funny Games Showcase, we wanted to post this update to share some more info about the game and let you know when/how often we plan on posting updates here.

The last week has been quite a whirlwind of excitement. It was great getting to see everyone’s genuine reactions to the announcement on YouTube during the Kinda Funny Games E3 showcase, and it’s been great seeing your feedback everywhere else since. We’re taking in that feedback and actively using it to help guide us in the development of the game.

On the topic of feedback: first and foremost, we absolutely understand the comparisons to Dead Cells, and we were prepared for this when we started development. Like everyone else, we played Dead Cells and we loved the way it felt. With Foregone, we wanted to nail the fluid feeling of Dead Cells but introduce new mechanics as part of a more linear, story-focused experience.


  • Ultimate: A powerful ability that can be activated by the player once they’ve filled their ultimate meter
  • Three Unlockable Skills: Cooldown-based skills that are recharged through weapon attacks, rewarding players who adopt a more aggressive playstyle
  • Skill Tree: Once the above skills are unlocked, players will gain access to a branching skill tree that can be used to create a build specific to their playstyle
  • Customizable Equipment: High-tiered weapons & armour (currently termed “Sealed” ) will be able to be upgraded and customized to a player’s preference through a series of increasingly difficult challenges
  • Item and Character Permanence: All weapons and armour once unlocked can be accessed at any time from the hub areas known as Outposts
  • Waypoint System: Teleportation system that can be used to quickly travel between different areas

As we move closer to Early Access, we plan on doing additional dev updates and taking deeper dives into these systems. The plan right now is to do more sizable posts around once a month and having smaller quick looks every couple weeks. Hopefully, this will give a nice balance of more digestible chunks that will allow for specific feedback in helping us make the best game possible.

We’ve also heard many people ask about console ports and support for Mac & Linux, and we 100% hear you. Our focus is currently on PC and the early access version of the game, however, we hope to bring the game to other platforms in the future.

That’s about it for this first dev update. It’s been a crazy week but we’re so excited to have you along for the ride. Thanks for reading and check out some of the new stuff we’ve been working on below!

– Michael, Jordan, and Dino

Enemy Concept for an enemy internally referred to as the Baron + some of his lil henchmen

Enemy Concept for an enemy internally referred to as the Baron + some of his lil henchmen


Concept to in-game for our creepy, crawly spidertank

Foregone Concept Art - Skeleton Bridge

Skullbridge set-piece concept

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