Last week we released a collection of interesting facts about the first five years of our hit game My Singing Monsters. From the very first Furcorn, to the newest Wublin a lot of work and creativity has gone into creating the Monsters we all know and love today.

This week we wanted to take a look at a few of these interesting facts, and let you know how we feel they helped create the vibrant community that makes My Singing Monsters possible.

Cameos from our other original games

We like to share a little bit of Big Blue Bubble’s past with Big Blue Bubble’s future. In My Singing Monsters we did this by adding small easter eggs like the ‘critters’ on each of the My Singing Monsters Islands, and the addition of the Thumpiescharacters as breedable Monsters. All of these characters celebrate games we designed previously and that we learned from them, like the music of Thumpies, and the engaging gameplay of Burn the Rope.

Millions of Monsters

Our infographic listed some of the most bred monsters ever, with the winner T-Rox having reached over 95 million breedings, and the total number of Monsters bred breaking 1.1 billion. This isn’t just because our fans can’t stop breeding Monsters, it’s because there are so many potential breeding possibilities. We focused on diversity in character design when we created My Singing Monsters – from the playful creatures of Plant Island, to the weird and wonderful Wublins, we’ve created a cast of characters that holds something for everyone, no matter who they are.

A Growing Community

A big part of My Singing Monsters is community building – just as often as our fans create their own Monster communities, they also build their own fan communities on social media! Over the past 5 years we’ve had the pleasure of fostering our creative community, watching them form tribes, share fan art and create amazing video content. These friendly and inclusive groups have formed the backbone of our fan base, and every day they welcome in over 200 new friends ready to share their My Singing Monsters stories.


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