Get Psyched for the Psychic Element!

Fire Frontier has opened its eyes to the new Psychic Element and transformed into Psychic Island.
Watch the trailer below – plus find out the winners of our #PlayYourPart contest!

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What’s New

Fire Frontier is now Psychic Island

The Psychic Element has come out of hiding on Fire Frontier, transforming it into Psychic Island! The Island’s third eye and ocular Critters have emerged to gaze upon its new friends.

Psychic Island

Psychic Monsters

Psychic is the first Element of the new Magical class! Eight new Psychic Monsters have uncloaked themselves on Psychic Island! Buy or breed them today.

Psychic Monsters surrounding the Psychic Element Sigil

Rare and Epic Eggs

Rares and Epics now have their own Eggs, unique from their Common cousins!

Rare and Epic Furcorn Eggs

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