It’s Our Seventh Anniversary!

Celebrate with a new Island, the return of the Mythicals, and an Anniversary Month full of amazing deals.

Update 2.3.2 emblem with a new Island and the returning Mythical Monsters

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What’s New

Reveal Trailer

Watch our new video reflecting on past milestones in the Monster World, and making a new discovery to add to the history books…

New Island

It’s one small leap for Monsters, and one GIANT leap for Monsterkind! Explore Fire Frontier, an interstellar new Island with a hidden fourth Element.

Fire Frontier

Rep Your Team

Which Element do you think Fire Frontier hides? Tell us by joining #TeamAir, #TeamCold, or #TeamEarth and participating in team challenges on social media during Anniversary Month! You can rep your team by using your team hashtag, adding your team hashtag to your display name, or adding your team’s Elemental sigil to your profile picture.

#TeamAir #TeamCold #TeamEarth

Mythical Monsters

After years enjoying life in the PlayStation Vita version of My Singing Monsters, G’joob and Yawstrich have finally made the jump to mobile! Reunite with these two beloved Mythical Monsters, along with all their favorite Decorations from the PlayStation Vita.

Mythical Monsters G'Joob and Yawstrich cheering next to Vita Decorations

Special Offers

Anniversary Month is our time to give back to our players, so you can look forward to incredible offers all month long. Check the Mailbox daily so you don’t miss a deal!

Special Offers

Anniversary Wallpaper Pack

Celebrate Annviersary Month on your desktop, phone, or tablet with this free wallpaper pack!

Seventh Anniversary Wallpapers in Devices

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