Journey into the Prism Gate in Update 2.1!

We’re receiving reports from brave explorers of new Prismatic Monsters on the other side of the Prism Gate! Plus the Prism Gate’s immense power continues to warp the very fabric of the Islands themselves…

My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire 2.1

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What’s New

New Prismatic Monsters

Courageous Monsters returning through the Prism Gate are bringing back more than Prisments: they’ve spotted signs of four new Prismatic Monsters! Look forward to these new Prismatics revealing themselves in the coming weeks.

New Visitors Coming Soon to the Prism Gate

Expanded Outer Islands

The unpredictable power of the Prism Gate is stretching the very fabric of reality! Cave Island and Cloud Island have both expanded as a result, making more room for future Prismatic Monsters.

Cloud Island Cave Island

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