Fall in Love with the Melody of the Maggpi

You’ll be head-over-hooves for an all-new Werdo this Season of Love!
My Singing Monsters Update 2.1.5

It’s time again for the most romantic celebration in the Monster World: the Season of Love! Enjoy a beautifully redecorated Air Island, the reappearance of Seasonal Monster Schmoochle and its Rare cousin, and plenty of deals all season long! Plus, Cold Island just got way cooler with the discovery of an all-new Werdo Monster: Maggpi! Maggpi is a sweet Monster that sings never-before-heard lyrics to complement the chorus of Cold Island.


Sing Along with Maggpi

Maggpi the Werdo

The lovable new Monster Maggpi is joining its fellow Werdo, Tawkerr, on Cold Island! The two Monsters sing a chillingly beautiful duet featuring catchy new lyrics. Start saving up your Relics so you can collect this legendary lyricist!


Celebrate the Season of Love

Season of Love

Love is in the air… Air Island, that is! Schmoochle and its Rare cousin have begun their annual migration to Air Island, and the Monsters have redecorated to celebrate! The Monster-Handlers want to show the fans some love this season, so look forward to plenty of special offers and Rare Monster appearances. Lastly, follow My Singing Monsters on social media to get exciting Season of Love crafts, activities, and more all season long!


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