Eggs-iting New Content Is Here!

New content is hopping down the Blabbit trail! Are you ready for Eggs-Travaganza?

My Singing Monsters Update 2.2.8

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What’s New

Blabbit’s Bouncing Back

Blabbit is kicking off the Eggs-Travaganza celebrations, as well as its returning cousin Rare Blabbit!

Blabbit and Rare Blabbit

Animated Eggs-Travaganza Decorations

Get in the spring spirit with new animated Seasonal Decorations, only available during Eggs-Travaganza!

Blabbit's Hiding Something...

Permanent Eggs-Travaganza Rocks and Trees

It’s every egg-lover’s dream! These Permanent Seasonal Obstacle Decorations will keep their eggs-elent look all year round.

Permanent Eggs-Travaganza Obstacle Decorations

Even More Secrets

Think that’s it? Don’t worry, Blabbit’s got a lot more tricks in its Easter basket…

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