Have a Fiery Feast-Ember

Stuff yourself silly during this brand new Seasonal event led by the Feast-Ember Seasonal, Gobbleygourd!

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What’s New

A Seasonal Visitor on Fire Haven

Witness the discovery of something suspiciously scrumptious on Fire Haven…

Meet the Face of Feast-Ember

Gobbleygourd is a relentlessly cheerful new Seasonal that’s thrilled to finally get its own event: Feast-Ember! Buy or breed Gobbleygourd on the Fire Islands starting today at 3PM (ET).


Feast-Ember Makeover on Fire Haven

Fire Haven’s got a new look for Feast-Ember, a Seasonal event all about sharing in nature’s delectable bounty! You’ll find gourds, autumn leaves, and familiar-looking scarecrows strewn about Fire Haven. Take the time to look around!

Feast-Ember on Fire Haven

Feast-Ember Obstacle Decorations

Love the new Feast-Ember appearance of Rocks and Trees on Fire Haven? Keep their autumnal look year-round with Permanent Feast-Ember Obstacle Decorations!

Feast-Ember Obstacle Decorations

Dipsters on Fire Haven

Some bite-sized guests have been invited to the Feast-Ember potluck on Fire Haven: the Dipsters!

Dipsters on Fire Haven

StarShop on Fire & Magical Islands

In honor of the first-ever Feast-Ember, the Monster-Handlers are happy to announce the grand opening of the StarShop on Fire Haven, Fire Oasis, and Psychic Island.

StarShop on Fire and Magical Islands

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