Happy Spooktacle!


What’s New

Spooktacle is upon us, and the Monsters can’t wait to get all dressed up to celebrate the season! The spookiest Seasonal Punkleton is making its scheduled visit on Plant Island and has redecorated it with tombstones, Smunk-o-Lanterns and all assortment of eerie embellishment! Fresh off of its mini-vacation on Seasonal Shanty, Punkleton is also making its Monster World debut on the Colossingum, with a special Costume and Trophy to share for completing its Seasonal Quest!

That’s not all – a huge collection of creepy Costumes are now available to buy or through breeding during the Spooktacle Seasonal Event! Some of these haven’t been seen for many years, so we’re excited to dust them off and put them on display!



Finally, it sounds like Rare and Epic Punkletons are planning to treat themselves to a visit to Seasonal Shanty at some point during Spooktacle! Don’t ghost on the chance to join in all of the frightful fun, or it may come back to haunt you…


In This Update

Punkleton arrives on Plant Island and the Colossingum

New Seasonal Quest – ‘Trick-or-Treat’

Over 30 Spooktacle Series Costumes available to collect

Rare and Epic Punkletons make their Seasonal Shanty debut

Spooktacle Decorations and Seasonal Obstacle Decorations available


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