Celebrate 9 years of My Singing Monsters with our ANNIVERSARY MONTH Event!

Not only will there be extra-special offers and promotions all September long, this update is also JAM-packed with new content and features!

What’s New

New Island: Seasonal Shanty

In Update 3.3, we answer one of the oldest questions in the Monster World – where do the Seasonal Monsters go during the rest of the year? To the SEASONAL SHANTY, of course!

We expect to discover even more denizens of the Seasonal Shanty over the course of the next year…

New Monster: Jam Boree

Teleport your Level 15 Seasonal Monsters to this brand new Island to discover a whimsical new song and the never-before-seen JAM BOREE Monster!

Rare Wubbox on Ethereal Island

Another enduring mystery of the Monster World has been solved – does Ethereal Island have a Rare Wubbox? It does now!

Box your Rarethereals in this eccentric Electric beast and complete your collection! That may or may not be the only Wubbox-related discovery this month… time will tell…

NEW Collect All Feature!

Oh, and one more little thing. The Collect All feature. Because we love you.

What Else is in this Update?

Filters in the Monsters and Costumes menus of the Market

Anniversary Month decor on Gold Island

Special offers and promotions all month long!

Rebalanced costs for various items

…and introducing Turkish language support!

Thanks for 9 years of breeding, feeding, and singing with the Monsters! Happy Monstering!


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