Happy Spooktacle!

What’s New

At last! Spooktacle has arrived, and the Monsters are already “goblin” up their candy and preparing for a “howlin” good time!

Punkleton has descended upon Plant Island once again and has embellished it with “boo-tiful” and “fangtastic” decorations. Don’t trip over the Smunk-o-Lanterns or get lost in the Inverdigus Cemetery during your stay – you never know what frightful fates may await you!

If you really want to raise your spirits, make sure to trick-or-treat yourself to some of the “ghoulish” and “gourd-geous” Spooktacle costumes available! With 30 to choose from, the Monsters will certainly be the pick of the patch!

Make sure you’re ahead of the “carve” on The Colossingum this year and complete the “Trick-or-Treat” Seasonal Quest! You’ll be handsomely rewarded. With an “eerie-sistible” costume for Punkleton and a truly “ghoulish” trophy, you’ll certainly be the “Pun-kin” King or Queen this Spooktacle! Don’t ghost on the chance to join in all of the frightful fun, or it may come back to haunt you…


New Monster: Cranchee

We were dreaming of more Dreamythicals transcending upon Mythical Island when suddenly I awoke to find Cranchee making its debut! Cranchee has sprung from the imagination of Strombone, leaving it with both aquatic and glacial traits. This Dreamythical’s disposition may at times seem a little frigid, but rest assured Cranchee wants nothing more than to support its fellow monsters in harmony and song.

New Monster: Rare G’joob

At last, Rare G’joob has transcended upon Plant and Mythical Islands to a welcome chorus of chorale and cantatas. Rare G’joob’s embellishments are quite ornate, and its tusks and winged moustache definitely set this Rare Mythical apart from its Common counterpart. But as with any given “mersey” of G’joobs, there are always one or two who aim to be different and strike a solo!

Amber Island Wave 8

Amber Island is celebrating today as it welcomes its newest residents, Tring and Rare Tring! Not only are the Tring duo making their euphonious emergence, they are being joined by Rerun winners Monsters Sooza and Flum Ox! This quartet of Monsters will surely bring concinnity and mellifluousness to the Amber Island song. 

In This Update

Spooktacle Decorations and Seasonal Obstacle Decorations available

Over 30 Spooktacle Series Costumes available to collect

Seasonal Quest – ‘Trick-or-Treat’ 

NEW – Cranchee

NEW – Rare G’joob

Amber Island Wave 8

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