Super Dinosaur: Kickin’ Tail Update 1.0.5 – Patch Notes

Get to know Derek and Super Dinosaur in an all-new intro video! Plus enjoy a bunch of other tail-kickin’ improvements to make the game even more awesome.

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Introducing Tech Mods

    • Power up your Tech options through all-new Awesome and Epic Tech Mods which add bring new buffs and abilities to existing Tech cards

Super Dino


Awesome – Health Increased +25%

Epic – Area of Effect Taunt on hit


Rocket Barrage

Awesome – Duration Increased +25%

Epic – Enemy slowed on initial hit


Derek Dynamo

Remote Scrappers

Awesome – Summon 2 more units

Epic – Damage Increased +25%


Energy Blast

Awesome – Enemy knocked back upon impact

Epic – Energy Cost Decreased by 1


Doctor Dynamo

Sharp Shooters

Awesome – Damage Increased +10%

Epic – Enemy slowed on attack (1 sec)


Short Circuit

Awesome – Stun Duration Increased +10%

Epic – Stun effect removed in favour of a massive increased area of effect +200%



Air Support

Awesome – Damage Increased +10%

Epic – Can spawn anywhere with zero deploy time


Ancient Artifact

Awesome – Duration Increased +1 sec

Epic – Radius Area of Effect Increased +33%


General Casey


Awesome – Range Increased +1

Epic -Deployed with 1 Armor


Drone Strike

Awesome – Radius Increased +20%

Epic – Stun Duration Increased +1 sec



Laser Bots

Awesome – Summons 1 additional unit

Epic – Range Increased +25%


Boom Shelter

Awesome – Area of Effect upon hit

Epic – Boomers spawn 3 at a time, faster (-3 sec) with decreased lifetime (-10 sec)


Max Maximus

Dino Men

    • Awesome – Health Increased +25%

Epic – Health Increased +25%


Hunter Missiles

Awesome – +1 Target

Epic – Larger Knockback and Slow Effect on Hit for 5 secs


Erin Kingston

Punch Bots

Awesome – Damage Increased

Epic – Knockback on each Hit


Glitter Bomb

    • Awesome – Radius Increased +30%

Epic – Damage Increased +50% and Increased Slow Effect +2 secs



Air Drop

Awesome – Damage Increased +25%

Epic – Reduced Energy Cost -1


Diamond Hide

Awesome – Radius Increased +100% with -2 Armor

Epic – Single Target with Increased Armor and Detaunt



Feeding Frenzy

Awesome – Area of Effect Knockback when Summoning a Shark Man

Epic – Spawned Shark Men emit a very short Area of Effect Damage on death


Ink Bomb

Awesome – Duration Increased +1 sec

Epic – Add Slow Effect on Impact


Arctic Super Dinosaur

Buzz Chill

Awesome – Range Increased +66%

Epic – Longer Duration Chill Effect +1 sec



Awesome – Chill remains after Freeze ( 5 sec Chill after 2 sec Stun)

Epic – Reduced Energy Cost -2


Arctic Derek Dynamo

Chiller Generator

Awesome – Area of Effect on Initial Deploy

Epic – Area of Effect on each Spawn



Awesome – Health Increased +25%

Epic – Freeze Area of Effect on Death



Other changes

  • Action-packed intro video for new users!
  • More stats displayed in the Mod Info popup
  • Updated loot scene to show different Rarity rolls

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