What’s New in Version 4.0.0

… is finally here! Let’s give you some reasons to celebrate:

NEW Monster: Epic Wubbox on Gold Island

At long last, Gold Island is thrilled to welcome Epic Wubbox! But this Epic Wubbox is truly different from anything you’ve ever seen before. Once it harnesses each of the Natural Elements, this Epic Supernatural Monster will evolve and engage with this Island Song in ways you never even imagined! Each powered-up phase of the Gold Island Epic Wubbox will result in both cosmetic and musical changes that will leave you dazzled – and what more could you really ask for in such an extraordinary entity?

Jam Boree on Gold Island

After two years of excitement and speculation, Jam Boree is finally arriving on Gold Island! The 11 Year Anniversary is slated to be the most exciting Anniversary Celebration Jam Boree has ever seen! What better way to conclude Anniversary Year than to have one final Seasonal Monster find its very own ‘home away from home’ to celebrate all year round.

NEW Monster: Epic Jam Boree

It’s safe to say that Epic Jam Boree is a big fan of a gouda time. You’d have to see it to brie-lieve it, but this Epic Monster is doused in a thick layer of mac n cheese over what resembles a goblin-green body. Epic Jam Boree is a very generous gift-giver because it believes it’s cheddar to give gifts rather than receive them. It may sound cheesy, but Epic Jam Boree swisses you the best Anniversary Month ever!

NEW Mythical: Buzzinga

Designed in partnership with the My Singing Monster Community, we are proud to present the long-awaited Fire Haven Mythical – Buzzinga! This insectoid Monster is notable in that it can flitter and fly between the various dimensions of the Big Blue Bubble Multiverse! Although this concept has long been in contention, it was recently proven when the Buzzinga was observed pollinating the flowers of the Stablo Mjehurica World Tree! This member of the new ‘Drone-Sect’ family swiftly collects the tree’s nectar which allows it to form entire new realities. A truly Mythical creature we’re glad is here to stay!

NEW Dreamythical: Knurv

With every Mythical Monster comes its Dreamythical counterpart, and Knurv is no exception! Known by a different name in its native dimension, folk tales seem to indicate that this “bogeyMon” is an enthusiastic musical performer that uses its optic nerves to captivate audiences with upbeat melodies that coincide remarkably with its Mythical partner.

NEW Decorations

Once again we are elated to introduce a brand new Anniversary Monument outlining all of the exciting happenings during what could only be described as the biggest Anniversary Celebration the Monster World has ever seen – Anniversary Year! Highlighting notable events such as the introduction of our Ultimate Creator Experience Mythicals, Colossal Conundra, Celestial Ascension, and everything in between, you’ll definitely want to add the 11 Year Anniversary Monument to your decorative collection for all the Monster World to see!

We are also adding another exciting decorative ornament to honor the Spirit of Creation! Inspired by the creativity of the Colossals, this ornamental adornment is based on some of the earliest pieces of concept art of My Singing Monsters. This Decoration is a Premium Item that is exclusively available to players who make an in-app purchase of a currency pack, and acts as a thank you for the community’s support of My Singing Monsters over the past 11 years. We couldn’t have done it without you!

And there’s not all – new Book of Monsters page formats, expanded Recording Studio functionality in the mobile version, and more are yours to discover in Version 4.0.0. Happy Monstering!

In This Update

NEW Monster: Gold Island Epic Wubbox

Jam Boree on Gold Island

NEW Monster: Epic Jam Boree

NEW Mythical: Buzzings

NEW Dreamythical: Knurv

NEW Anniversary Decorations

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