A new brand. A new vision. The same commitments.

There is a unique, cool and impressive culture at Big Blue Bubble that has been built and enhanced over the company’s history. The fundamental pillars of this culture are steeped in a heritage of delivering engaging and immersive experiences to audiences around the world and always pushing the envelope of innovation in everything we do. The culture is by virtue of the incredible people at the company.

Over the course of 11 years, Big Blue Bubble has truly innovated and created a spectrum of games for a broad range of audiences, with well over 100 million downloads. The history of the company and its achievements are truly impressive.

As we look to the future, and in the spirit of constant innovation, we wanted to do for ourselves what we hope we do, within our games, for our users … and that is unlock invention and creativity. Thus, we unveil our new logo, and with this rebranding, we reveal our new vision statement with an amplified commitment to our fan base. The new logo is intended to preserve the heritage and culture that has made Big Blue Bubble an extraordinary company. At the same time, we want to demonstrate our commitment to loftier and bigger goals and objectives as we embrace an exciting and vibrant future.

The logo is intended to be simple, playful, but meaningful. We’re also trying to make a point. We can balance fun and creativity, while taking our craft and the experiences we deliver to our audiences seriously. Our new brand is designed to harmonize with the myriad of touch points in today’s digital media world. We want everyone to experience our brand consistently and share the same engagement experience, whether it be in a business context, through our marketing, social media channels, on mobile devices, in print, on merchandise, etc. Wherever and however you encounter our brand, we want you to smile and be reminded of the immersive experiences we deliver.

As part of our rebranding strategy, we have forged a new vision statement for the company:

Inspiring Worlds Of Creativity

In everything we do, in every interaction our consumers have with us, and however anyone may engage with the company, we want to “inspire worlds of creativity”. We want to inspire everyone around us and bring to the forefront the innate creativity every individual has. It’s lofty and, perhaps, it’s a little out there; but this vision will navigate us, influence our direction and decision making, and hold us to the sacred commitment we make to our consumers.

What’s more is that we’ve set a mission for ourselves as well:

We fuel imagination, unlock invention, and foster vibrant communities. We create engaging experiences that enable everyone to discover and share their innate creativity with others through play

These aren’t just vision and mission statements intended to sound good or look impressive on a wall – they represent our commitment to the world. It is our belief at Big Blue Bubble that everyone holds a creative spark within. We’re going to inspire you to bring out that creativity through the engaging experiences we deliver to everyone.

A new logo, a lofty vision, and our commitment to delivering the most engaging experiences possible. We are Big Blue Bubble.

29th September 2015 | Big Blue Bubble Executive Team