Test Your Monsterology Knowledge!

Hey everybody! Are you ready for the Anniversary month trivia contest? All you need to do is answer all 4 questions in the comments of the video, and include your My Singing Monsters Friend code! After that all you’ll need to do is stay tuned for the answer video on Tuesday to find out if you were right, and maybe find a hidden community code! We’ll also pick a random player who got all of the questions right, and send them a very special in game prize pack!
My singing Monsters Anniversary Month Trivia Challenge

Trivia Questions

3rd Round

How many windows and doors in total are there on all the castles in My Singing Monsters?

The answer is 43.

How many eggs does it take to wake up the first 10 Wublins?

The answer is 291.

How many species of Monsters were known to the Monster Handlers when the game first launched in September of 2012?

The answer is 23.

There are 2 objects in the Monster World featuring writing not in Monstrous, what are they?

The answer is the the time machine and the travelers’ sign. They both feature English writing.

2nd Round

In one of the menus there is artwork for something that actually isn’t final art; we’ve kept it in as an Easter egg of sorts. What is it, and where can it be found?

The answer is an early version of the Scups egg on the monster menu book ends!

Which decoration is topped by a Monster artist’s interpretation of the long extinct Dragoon?

The answer is the Flappy Flag!

Which Big Blue Bubble games have made cameos in My Singing Monsters?

The answers are Thumpies, Fling-a-Thing, and Burn The Rope!

What is believed to be the main power generator in the Monster dimension of the Multiverse?

The answer is the Crystal Castle on Gold Island!

1st Round

How many decorations do My Singing Monsters and My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire have in common?

They have 6 decorations in common.

What is the company that owns the Skyship?

The answer is Monsters Shipping Inc.

Across the Monster World, which Monster has one element but occupies 2 beds, and which monster has 2 elements but occupies only 1 bed?

The answers are Shugabush and Stogg.

How many monster classes are there in the Monster universe?

There are 8 Monster classes in the Monster universe.


Good Luck!

…And Happy Monstering!

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