Big Blue Bubble with Twitch at E3

Big Blue Bubble Talks Foregone with Twitch at E3

Big Blue Bubble’s Founder & CEO Damir Slogar joined Twitch on their main stage at E3 to talk about the studio’s upcoming action-platformer, Foregone. “That’s one thing I absolutely noticed about this game, the fluidity of motion. Everything is connected; it’s not jerky.” —  @Ezekiel_III Watch the Full Interview on Twitch […]

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Automaton Discusses Reveal of Dead Cells-influenced Action Game Foregone

Automaton discusses the E3 reveal trailer for Big Blue Bubble’s upcoming 2D action title Foregone, debuted at the Kinda Funny Games Showcase. Automaton notes the stylistic influences Foregone draws from the critically-acclaimed Dead Cells, while highlighting Foregone‘s permanent progression and differing game mechanics. “The high difficulty level and the game style that can be seen in the trailer seem […]

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