‘Tis the season… to be a Monster!

Deck the Hollow Logs and trim the Piney Trees, because the Festival of Yay is finally here on Cold Island!

My Singing Monsters Update 2.2.5

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What’s New

Animated Yay Decorations

Make your Islands look festive and fun with FOUR new animated Seasonal Decorations! These Decorations are only available during the Festival of Yay, so act fast if you want a Coldman of your very own!

Festival of Yay Decorations

Permanent Yay Rocks and Trees

Love the look of your Obstacle Decorations during the Festival of Yay, but want them to stay that way year-round? You’re in luck! This year, we bring the gift of permanent Seasonal Rocks and Trees! Available for a limited time, these Obstacle Decorations will stay festive all year once purchased.

Festival of Yay Rocks and Trees

Cozy Monster Costumes

Cold Island isn’t the only one getting dressed up for the Festival of Yay – the Monsters are, too! Check out the merry mittens and sweet sweaters your Monsters are showing off this season.

Celebrate Yooltide

A jolly and generous Seasonal Monster has come to Cold Island to deliver Yay gifts: Yool! Yool’s kindhearted cousin Rare Yool is also melting hearts this chilly season.

Yool and Rare Yool

Festival of Yay Wallpapers

Get in the Festival of Yay spirit with wallpapers for your phone, tablet, and desktop!

Wallpapers - Yaytide StoryFestival of Yay Wallpaper PackComet Wallpaper PackSnowboarding Mammott Wallpaper Pack

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