Reignite the Fire Element

The lost Fire hybrids have been found on the hidden Fire Haven!

Update 2.2.4 - Fire Haven

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Fire Haven Trailer

See Kayna and its gang of explorers venture into the Tribal Island caves and discover the secret of the lost Fire Element!

What’s New

Fire Haven

Shed some light on Fire Haven, the hidden sanctuary where the Fire Monsters took refuge after the Continent’s cataclysmic divide. Available at Level 9, the candlelit Fire Haven features new Obstacle and Path Decorations, as well as a glorious new song.

Fire Haven

Fire Monsters

Finally, the Fire Element Monsters have been found! Breed Kayna, Floogull, Barrb, Repatillo, Tring, Stogg, Flowah, and Glowl, or purchase them with amber-encased Relics!

Fire Haven Monsters

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