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New Mythical: Cherubble

Designed by Ultimate Creator Erik Bergstol (ErikTheCleric)!

At long last, the first of the Ultimate Creator Experience Mythical Monsters has arrived in the Monster World! Please join the Monster-Handlers in welcoming the Cherubble to Fire Oasis and Mythical Island. Bet you weren’t expecting that Fire Oasis’ would be the first, huh? We love to keep the Handler-Helpers guessing. The Cherubble has a closer connection to dreams than most, and even helped inspire the Monster-Handlers’ creative direction for Mythical Island itself! This gentle soul and its Blubberfly companions feel right at home among the glass-blown marvels of Fire Oasis, and can’t wait to join its Mythical cohorts in the dreamspace! A huge thank you to Ultimate Creator Erik for sharing your creativity with us in the development of this landmark moment for My Singing Monsters!

Wubbox on Fire Haven

Huzzah, the rumors are true! The Fire Haven Monsters are delighted to add everyone’s favorite Supernatural, dubstepping Monster to the Island! The Wubbox will undoubtedly add a bit of extra rhythm and pulse to the already-illustrious beat of Fire Haven’s song. We are so grateful to receive such an exceptional gift at the end of this year’s Feast-Ember celebration!


New Fire Epic: Epic Glowl


The Fire Islands are very excited to welcome Epic Glowl to their Monster families! As many long-time Handler-Helpers may recognize, its appearance was inspired by some of the very first concept art for Glowl back during the development of My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire! The Monster-Handlers love revisiting such ideas as they’re dreaming up new Rare and Epic forms for beloved characters, and looked forward to revealing this Monster after having stirred up sizable debate with its conspicuous loading screen beak!

New Dreamythical: shLep

As promised, each new Mythical Monster will be accompanied by its corresponding Dreamythical – and in the case of Cherubble, that Monster is the shLep! The sound and appearance of this new creature was kept secret even from Ultimate Creator Erik! A testament to the range of the Oasis Mythical’s dreams and imagination, this unusual Dreamythical adds some welcome percussive flair to the grandiose song of Mythical Island!

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NEW Monster: Cherubble

NEW Wubbox on Fire Haven

NEW Monster: Epic Glowl

NEW Monster: shLep

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