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NEW “Colossal Conundra” Feature

We are thrilled to introduce a new feature that has been ten years in the making… the Monster-Handlers present to you the Colossal Conundra aka the AWAKENING OF THE COLOSSALS!!! Log in every day to collect a puzzle piece (and you’ll even receive a special reward!). Assemble all of the pieces of a Conundrum for an “eye opening” surprise!

You can learn more about the Colossal Conundra feature in the FAQ section below!

NEW “Seasonal Island Skins” Feature

If you’ve ever felt disappointed when a Seasonal Event has ended and your Island returns back to its original appearance then we have some GREAT news for you! We are introducing a new Seasonal Island Skins feature which will permanently unlock Seasonal Skins on your Islands! The best part? You can try it out for FREE right now with the Festival of Yay on Cold Island!

You can learn more about the Seasonal Island Skins feature in the FAQ section below!


Seasonal Visitor: The Jolly Yool

The Festival of Yay marks the return of the Seasonal Yool! This jolly Seasonal is available to buy or breed for a limited time on Cold Island and on the Colossingum, where you can complete the special ‘Day of Yay’ Quest to earn Yool’s Fir Suit costume and an exclusive Trophy! Yool’s Rare and Epic cousins also plan to drop in to the holiday gathering at some point as well…

NEW Monster: Rare Strombonin

Folklore contends that all Strombonin can move soundlessly if they so choose (although most of the time they are deafeningly loud). By no means is this Rare Mythical prone to quietude – on the contrary, it often occupies a special position in Strombonin society called the Yippee Kiyay-koo. This designated performer will signal with a fewer-eyed Strombone subspecies called the Hora-guy and carried in a webbed net, and you can bet there’s no mistaking when it arrives!


NEW Festival of Yay Costumes

The Festival of Yay has officially commenced in the Monster World and what better way to celebrate this Monstrous occasion than with some brand new costumes! Enjoy all of your classic holiday favorites, as well as 4 new joyous, Yaytide-inspired ensembles! Your Monsters will be partaking in merry holiday fanfare and looking sharp while doing it!


Festival of Yay Decorations

Cold Island has transformed into a Monster Wonderland once again which means you can now adorn your Island with Yay-themed festive froufrous and frills! Deck the halls with Gingerbread Bluffs, Yaytide Trimmings, and Coldman Colloquys and bring joy to all Monsters celebrating the Festival of Yay!

In This Update

NEW “Colossal Calendar” Daily Login Feature

NEW “Seasonal Island Skins” Feature

Seasonal Visitor: Yool

NEW Monster: Rare Strombonin

NEW Festival of Yay Costumes

Festival of  Yay Decorations



“Colossal Conundra” FAQ

Q: How do Colossal Conundra work?

A: Log in every day to collect a puzzle piece of a Colossal Conundrum, and receive a special reward too! Once all of the pieces of a Conundrum have been assembled, an eye-opening surprise awaits… the gigantic being rumbles to life, a special Structure called the Coloss-Eye manifests, and the sonorous voice of the Colossal is heard for the first time in forever!

Q: How do I claim rewards from the Colossal Conundra?
A: Puzzle pieces are automatically added to a Conundrum every day! If you are collecting a Currency reward, it will automatically be credited to your account. If you are collecting a Monster/Costume reward, it will be available for free in the corresponding submenu of the Market.

Q: How do I get the Coloss-Eye?
A: The Coloss-Eye is a special Structure that is rewarded to a player when all of the pieces of a Colossal Conundrum have been assembled. It will be available for free in the Structures submenu of the Market to place on its corresponding Island.

Q: What happens if I don’t log in every day?

A: Don’t fret! Unlike the regular Daily Login Bonus, there is no ‘streak’ to lose with Colossal Conundra. Every new day that you log in to My Singing Monsters, you will receive a new puzzle piece and reward. A new piece becomes available each day at 10 AM EST.

Q: Can I speed up a Colossal Conundrum or make up for lost days?
A: Not in Version 3.8, but the Monster-Handlers are working on a system to use Diamonds to make up for a few lost days in a future update!

Q: Can I view a Colossal Conundrum outside of collecting its daily rewards?
A: Not in Version 3.8, but the Monster-Handlers are working on adding this feature in a future update!

“Seasonal Island Skins” FAQ

Q: How do I activate the Seasonal Island Skin on Cold Island?
A: You can activate a Seasonal Island Skin on Cold Island by going to its Info menu () and selecting the Seasonal tab (). From there, simply tap on the ‘Activate (trial)’ button to apply the Festival of Yay Seasonal Island Skin! This system replaces the automatic reskin that took place in versions earlier than 3.8.

Q: What do Seasonal Island Skins do?
A: In addition to redecorating an island in the style of its Seasonal Event, helpful Boosts are applied to the island as well! Just like the Titan-themed Island Skins, these Boosts will be applied even if the Seasonal Island Skin is deactivated.

Q: How do I buy Seasonal Island Skins?

A: You can buy a Seasonal Island Skin by tapping on the Buy button under the portrait in the Seasonal tab. You can choose to spend your Diamonds, or buy a specially-priced Island Skin pack that gives you the Seasonal Island Skin AND 50 bonus Diamonds!

Q: When can I get Seasonal Island Skins?
A: Seasonal Island Skins are only available for the duration of their associated Seasonal Event. Make sure to buy it during the Event if you are interested in keeping it year-round!

Q: What if I don’t want to buy a Seasonal Island Skin?

A: No problem! You will still have access to the free trial of the Seasonal Island Skin for the duration of its Seasonal Event.

Q: Once I activate an Island Skin, will my Island permanently be decorated in that way?

A: Once you have purchased any Island Skin, you will have the ability to activate and deactivate it to toggle it on or off whenever you like!


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