What’s New In Update 1.1…

To celebrate the release of Foregone on Steam and GOG, we’re releasing an all-new update, free of charge, to players on all platforms. The update brings a wide variety of new content and gameplay enhancements to the world of Calagan that we hope players both new and old will enjoy.

So without further ado, what exactly will you find in Update 1.1? See below!

New Weapons to Collect and Upgrade

The Warscythe
Sleek and punishing, the Warscythe is a devastating weapon to unleash when surrounded on all sides. Its long reach and swift striking ability make it the perfect addition to player’s arsenals who like to charge headfirst into battle.

Inherent Mod: Each hit weakens enemies

Shock Pistol
Why eliminate one enemy with a single bullet when you can eliminate three? Through the POWER OF SCIENCE, now you can unleash the electric potential of the Shock Pistol and chain together single shots into devastating multi-hits.

Inherent Mod: Each shot arcs to nearby enemies

New Side Missions to Discover and Complete

Throughout the world of Calagan you will now encounter hidden distress beacons. Once discovered, you’ll be able to access a series of new side missions from a new NPC, The Dispatcher, in the Outpost.

There are three different categories of side missions to complete:

  • Hazards: Timed challenges which will test your speed and platforming skills as you navigate a twisting environment filled with hazards
  • Combat: Race to eliminate all targets in the area before time expires
  • Gauntlet: THe ultimate test of combat and platforming abilities, a true test of an Arbiter’s abilities

As a reward for completing these side missions, you’ll receive a plethora of currency, a shiny new item, and be able to visit the all-new Warsmith.

New NPC – The Warsmith

Upon completing the trials found within the new side missions, you’ll encounter the Warsmith. Visit this new NPC armed with your favourite weapon to re-roll one of the perks on the weapon.

When rerolling weapon perks, you’ll be presented with 3 alternate perks to bind with the weapon. Choose wisely as the first re-roll is free of charge as a reward for your challenge completion, but be warned the price for each future roll increases.

New Boss Encounters

What’s an update without more boss battles to test your might? And test your might you will as you’ll encounter four new boss encounters against your corrupted frenemy, The Warden…

We hope you enjoy exploring, collecting, and defeating all the new goodies in this free update.

– The Foregone Team