It’s time for giving and thanks! Happy Feast-Ember!

What’s New

New: Feast-Ember Costumes

The Monsters are excited to sport their BRAND NEW, gourd-geous Feast-Ember costume series! Dress to impress Floogull in an “Appetizing Apron”, celebrate Tring as a “Harvest Basket”, have Boskus “Trample On” some fun, and Gourdness Gracious, don’t forget Barrb! These four costumes are available alongside the classic Feast-Ember costume series right now for a limited time!

Feast-Ember Obstacles and Decorations

Fire Haven has once again been exquisitely decorated in the spirit of Feast-Ember! Give thanks and spruce up your Fire Islands with a gobblin’ good ensemble of decorations, including Oversized Pies, Carnivorous Cornucopias, Gobbley Inflatables, and Monster Scareglowls! Your Monsters will thank you.

The Return of Gobbleygourd

Everyone’s favorite wobblin’ and gobblin’ Monster is back! Gobbleygourd has returned to the Fire Islandsonce again to help the Monsters celebrate and give appreciation to all of the wonderful gifts of the last 10 years in the Monster World! Plus, it’s 50% off in the Market on Seasonal Shanty too!

Featured Amber Island Vessels

As if there wasn’t already enough to be thankful for… Featured Amber Island Vessels will be available for the entirety of Feast-Ember! Your Amber Island Family will surely appreciate having a few more Monsters join the party (and the song!).

Did you catch that announcement at the end of our Monster-Handler Short? More is on the way…

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NEW Feast-Ember Themed Costumes

Feast-Ember Obstacles and Decorations

Return of Gobbleygourd

Featured Amber Island Vessels


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