As if the tenth ever Spooktacle wasn’t cause enough for celebration, it’s time to launch the first ever…

Beat Herafter!

What’s New

Clavavera on Bone Island

As many of our astute players predicted, this brand new Seasonal Event is launching on Bone Island, where the native Natural, Fire and Magical Monsters are overjoyed to welcome Clavavera for the very first time!

You may notice that Clavavera is sporting an updated look, alongside a completely redecorated island! We worked closely with a third party during the development of this celebration to ensure that My Singing Monsters continues to be a place where every player feels respected, represented and included. You can read more about the process of creating Clavavera and the Beat Hereafter here.

New Seasonal Event: The Beat Hereafter

 Bone Island has transformed to celebrate a very special Seasonal Event, the Beat Hereafter. Newly decorated Rocks and Trees have been assembled in an ornate and meaningful way to celebrate the spirits, who have passed on to the “Beat Hereafter.” These spirits recount stories of glorious songs of yore and reassure their descendants that any Monster, living or departed, can tune in to the ‘heartbeat of forever’ if they’re only listening.

New Monster: Rare Withur

Unlike its Common counterpart, Rare Withur prefers to utilize the bones of Lyrodocus Rex’s kin, the Lyrodocus Regina, to make its music. But if both of these specimens amount to mere fiberglass models, are we sure that the real things ever truly existed? Rare Withur assures us that they did, based on special ‘soul residue’ that the Monster can detect with its ultra-sensitive fingernails.

New: Dipsters on Bone Island

At last! Everyone’s favorite melodious medley of Monsters has mustered up the courage to join the ranks on Bone Island! These ground-dwelling Monsters are sure to add quite a bit of charm with their signature octaves and mischievous means.

In This Update

NEW Seasonal Event – the Beat Hereafter

Clavavera now available on Bone Island

NEW Monster: Rare Withur available on Bone Island

NEW Decorations: Obstacle Decorations for the Beat Hereafter

Dipsters now available on Bone Island


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