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 Jammer Splash Update 2.4

Introducing Thwok

The latest Monster to join Jammer Splash!

 Introducing Thwok

No Monster knows lightning better than Thwok! This all-new Wublin Avatar is perfect for taking on the challenging puzzles of Soaring Skies!

Updated Avatar System

Avatars get an upgrade!

 Upgraded Avatars

Thwok may be the newest Avatar in Jammer Splash! but they aren’t the only one getting an upgrade! Every available Monster has had new life breathed into them as part of our updated Avatar System!

Soaring Skies Expands

80 New Levels to Conquer

 Expanded Soaring Skies

Did you think you’d solved every puzzle on Jammerland? Think again! With 80 all-new levels to explore in the Soaring Skies, there’s now even more block popping action for you to enjoy!

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