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Monculus on Ethereal Island and Wublin Island



At last! The Spark of Life has awakened the long-awaited Monculus on Ethereal Island and Wublin Island! Its hauntingly beautiful refrain adds a whole new dimension to both Island songs that will undoubtedly take your breath away. Check out this ancient prototype on both Islands right now!


New Monster: Epic Whisp



Epic Whisp has made its mysterious and melancholic debut in the Monster World, straddling the line between macabre and lovely, and morose and bewitching… This Epic Ethereal may certainly be harboring a secret that only a few in the Monster World are privy to… It is said that the only way to uncover the secret is to be hypnotized by the Epic Whisp’s “potion eyes.” Will you be able to uncover the mystery of this clandestine Monster?



NEW Monster: Rare Blipsqueak



Rare Blipsqueak dons a mesmerizing gold-plated suit, really digging into its automata-roots. In fact, nothing about this Rare Wublin is biological! Even Rare Blipsqueak’s eyes are synthetic! Its retro-futuristic design exudes the illustrious history of the Kingdom of Mait-Land and brings it to life for all to see.



NEW Seasonal Island Skin: Life-Formula



Rewind the clock and bear witness to the formation of one of the oldest Islands in the Monster World! This Island Skin is a tribute to the early days of the pocket dimension as the experimental sandbox was molded by its eccentric Colossal caretaker into a full-blown Island. You may notice through the Blubberite sculptures and blueprinted landmarks that this Seasonal Skin is truly special, giving us a rare glimpse into the Life-Formula creative process that was started by the Colossals. You can purchase this Island Skin and celebrate the momentous occasion all year round!



NEW Life-Formula Obstacle Decorations



The Life-Formula obstacle-decorations are an ode to the early drafts of Monsters designed by the Colossals. Regrettably, none of these Monster designs ever came to fruition, however they have now been solidified as a testament to the ingenuity of their creators. The trees are truly special and were “mocked up” using plasmic Krystillium suspended in place by electricity, leaving us with their mesmerizing and almost hypnotizing design.



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NEW Monster: Monculus on Ethereal Island and Wublin Island 

NEW Monster: Epic Whisp

NEW Monster: Rare Blipsqueak

NEW Seasonal Island Skin: Life-Formula

NEW Life-Formula Obstacle-Decoations


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