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Boo’qwurm on Psychic Island

Boo’qwurm hardly noticed how much time has passed since its debut on Seasonal Shanty since its head has been stuck in a book for almost a whole year! Now that MindBoggle has kicked off, this puzzle-loving brainiac has made its way to Psychic Island to share its love for reading and brain teasers! Although excited to join in on the festivities, you may notice Boo’qwurm missing out on a party here or there – that’s because it needs to finish just one…more…chapter! 


Dipsters on Psychic Island

It appears as though the rumors have been true all along! Cruv’laapht, the Psychic Island Titan, is proud to welcome the Dipster family to its home!


NEW Monster: Rare Bisonorus

The colorful new Rare Fire Monster is ridiculously strong and has been described as “virtually indestructible.” That may be attributed to its substantially larger and larger-than-life antlers of the Emperor residing on its head. These adjustments from its Common counterpart can be attributed to evolution throughout several generations to create a strong, almost-perfect specimen. The best part about this generational progression? The bond the Rare Fire Monster has solidified with its dome-dwelling companion, truly encompassing the idea of family. 


NEW Monster: Rare Creepuscule

This newly discovered Rare Wublin has certainly upped its wig game! Donning an intricate red yarn hairpiece, this Monster is excited to show off such a beautiful contrast to its green complexion. Some have said that from afar, this Rare Wublin resembles some sort of tropical fruit – that is, until you see its teeth. You may quickly change your mind once you lay your eyes upon those rows of chompers…


NEW: MindBoggle Island Skin Available

You’ll want to pick up a book and learn something new when you get your first glimpse of the all-new MindBoggle Psychic Island Skin! Cruv’laapht, really put its mind to work when it manifested bookcases upon bookcases (upon bookcases!) to share its love for reading and researching with its beloved Monster inhabitants. You can purchase this Skin throughout the entirety of the MindBoggle Event and share your love of reading all year long!


NEW: MindBoggle Obstacle-Decorations Available

The many eyes of Cruv’laapht have taken it upon themselves to catch up on some summer reading! The oversight? Its eyes are farsighted! They’ll need the help of magical magnifying glasses or snazzy spectacles to help them study their literary works and soak all that new-found information into their sporadically-spaced out brains! 


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Boo’qwurm on Psychic Island

Dipsters on Psychic Island

NEW Monster: Rare Bisonorus

NEW Monster: Rare Creepuscule

NEW: MindBoggle Island Skin

NEW: MindBoggle Obstacle-Decorations

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