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Celestial Ascension

We’ve been listening to the stars for quite some time now, and this year we learned that the stars have their own stories to tell…
Introducing the astounding phenomenon of Celestial ASCENSION!

Each month, one of the 12 CELESTIALS will unlock the ability to Ascend from its young form into an adult! You’ll need to Zap the proper combination of eggs into its inventory, including hard-to-get Monsters like Seasonals and Rares… and you’ll only have the duration of the month to do so. 

Thankfully, you’ll be able to use the new FLEX egg system to choose from an assortment of eligible Monsters to Zap. Then, when the inventory is complete, harness the power of KEYS to complete the Ascension! Because of their special connection to the genesis of the Monster World, Ascended Celestials can now generate Keys themselves! 

Let’s kick it off with the first Celestial we met all those years ago… SCARATAR!

To learn more about this new feature, watch the Monster-Handler Showcase of Version 3.9.4:

Earth Island Colossal Conundrum

The final Colossal Conundrum (for now, at least) has finally arrived on Earth Island! Does its appearance remind you of any other eye-opening reveals from Monsters past? You can begin awakening this final Conundrum right now! What will these eyes reveal?

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Celestial Ascension

Earth Island Colossal Conundrum

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