Month of the Mythical III

NEW Content Every Week!

As the saying goes, the best things come in threes, and this year’s Month of the Mythical III is no exception! Every week during the Month of the Mythical expect a record-breaking amount of new content, including new Monsters, Rare Mythicals, an Adult Celestial, Rare Wublins, and SO MUCH MORE! Check out the Month of the Mythical III Kick off video for all of exciting features arriving during the Month of June!


Creator Collab


We are pleased to announce our first-ever loading screen community collab with our good friend and creator PopCross. They’ve created a glorious piece of art that will be displayed for the entirety of the nearly month-long event! Log into the game right now to get a look at the monstrous new loading screen!

Check out PopCross’ YouTube channel, featuring TONS of amazing My Singing Monsters content, as well as his other Monstrous works!


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NEW Content Every Week!

Creator Collab

…and exciting new content, sales, and promotions all month long!


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