My Singing Monsters Composer Update 2.0

Prepare for a symphony of new features in this Monstrously enchanting update! We’ve added some highly requested tools to help you compose like a true Monster Maestro. Now you can orchestrate your compositions by moving Monsters around the Composer Stage to perfect your soundscape. Plus, you can now add up to 5 unique copies of a Monster, each with its own part. 

To celebrate the 2.0 update, players of My Singing Monsters Composer will be able to unlock Ghazt for use on Composer Island in the original My Singing Monsters – talk about a harmonious upgrade!


Move Monsters around the Stage for better control of your compositions

Add up to 5 unique copies of each Monster, each with its own part

Merge single and held notes for a seamless performance

New filter options in Monster select (Common, Rare, Seasonal, Ethereal)

New font for easier reading and composing

Updated “Help” Menu with new tutorials to guide your musical journey

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