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My Singing Monsters

Natural, Fire, and Magical Islands

Plant Island SkyCold Island SkyAir Island SkyWater Island SkyEarth Island SkyFire Haven Sky
Fire Oasis SkyPsychic Island SkyFaerie Island Sky

Other Islands

Ethereal Island SkyShugabush Island SkyCelestial Island Sky
Composer Island SkyTribal Island SkyWublin Island Sky

Seasonal Island Versions

Season of Love SkyEggs-Travaganza SkySummerSong Sky
Spooktacle SkyFeast-Ember Sky

Island Skins

Vegetable Medley SkySweti Settlement SkyGigacheep Nest Sky
Temple of Hahoo Sky

Mirror Islands

Mirror Plant Island SkyMirror Cold Island SkyMirror Air Island Sky
Mirror Water Island SkyMirror Earth Island Sky


My Singing Monsters BackgroundMy Singing Monsters Live Background

My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire

The ContinentBlue Sky

Cave Island BackgroundParty Island Sky
Star Chart Sky

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