Love is in the Air!

Prepare your valentines, because the Season of Love has come to Air Island!

My Singing Monsters Update 2.2.6

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What’s New

Season of Love Trailer

Schmoochle’s sprucing up Air Island in preparation for its Season of Love celebrations, but one Monster still feels a little lonely…

Schmoochle Smooches

The Seasonal lovebirds are back! Schmoochle and Rare Schmoochle are fluttering into hearts everywhere during the Season of Love.

Schmoochle and Rare Schmoochle

Animated Season of Love Decorations

Spruce up your Air Island love nest with four new animated Seasonal Decorations, only available during the Season of Love!

Season of Love 2019 Decorations

Permanent Season of Love Rocks and Trees

Spread the love with permanent Seasonal Rocks and Trees! These Obstacle Decorations will keep their lovey-dovey look all year round.

Season of Love Permanent Obstacle Decorations

Parlsona’s Landed on Air

You can see it in the sky, and yet it does not know how to fly! Parlsona is now available on Air Island, and it doesn’t want to be there alone…

Parlsona on Air

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