They’re new. They’re fresh. They’re ISLAND SKINS!

Dress up your Islands and enjoy helpful stat boosts with all-new Island Skins.

My Singing Monsters Update 2.3.1

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Quick Facts About Island Skins


Change Your Island’s Look

Island Skins totally change the look of your Natural Island once activated. Don’t worry, you can always swap out your Skin and return to the Island’s original look! NOTE: Island Skins do not change the appearance of Obstacles, Obstacle Decorations, or Mirror Islands.

Boost Your Island’s Stats

Island Skins provide helpful boosts to the Island they’re applied to – even when they’re not in use! The Vegetable Medley Skin for Plant Island provides 10% faster incubation, 15% faster Coin production, and doubled Wishing Torch power. NOTE: Island Skin boosts only apply to the Island that the Skin is purchased for. They do not apply to Mirror Islands. The Vegetable Medley Skin does not affect breeding times – only incubation and Coin production times.

Different Ways to Buy

Buy the Vegetable Medley Skin with Diamonds in the Island section of the Market, OR get it as an in-app purchase in the Vegetable Medley Pack – bundled with 100 BONUS DIAMONDS! The choice is yours.

Tap the Info Button on Plant Island Tap the Skin tab Tap the Buy Button to buy with Diamonds or the Paintbrush Button to buy the Pack as an in-app-purchase

Island Skins FAQ

Have more questions about Island Skins? Check out our FAQ.


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