Grab a pal and enjoy Update 1.21!

Now Available on iOS | Coming Soon to Android

The new Fire hybrid Bisonorus is now available to buy or breed! Plus, the Vault and Monster Wants just got a whole lot better.

My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire Update 1.21

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What’s New

New Monster

Two voices are better than one! Get your Breeding Structures ready for Bisonorus, a new Quad-Element Monster available on the Continent and Cave Island.


Increased Vault Capacity

Running out of space for all your goodies? Good news: the Vault’s capacity has nearly doubled in Update 1.21!

Vault Capacity Increase

Adjusted Monster Wants

Got a Level 2 Krillby that’s demanding a Polar Teddybear? Or a Level 1 PomPom begging for some Marshmallows? No more! Monster Wants have been adjusted to scale by Monster Level instead of Player Level, so it’s easier than ever to fulfill lower-Level Monsters’ Wants.

Monster Wants now vary by Monster Level

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