Once upon a time…

…there was a MAGICAL new update! Discover Faerie Island, meet the Faerie Monsters, and celebrate the Festival of Yay in Update 2.3.5.

My Singing Monsters Update 2.3.5

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What’s New

Get Whisked Away to a Magical New Island

Watch Kayna awake in an unfamiliar land in our fairytale-themed Faerie Island trailer!

Discover the Faerie Element

The new Faerie Element is the second-ever Element to join the Magical class!

Faerie Monsters

Explore Faerie Island

The whimsical Faerie Island is full of nods to fantastical fables.

Faerie Island

Reunite with a Fiery Friend

The not-so-crabby Ziggurab has been found on Faerie Island!


Jolly Old Yool Is Back

Ho ho hold the phone – Yool has returned to Cold Island for the Festival of Yay! Buy or breed this jolly Seasonal Monster today.

Yool Waving

Cold Island Got a Festive Makeover

Cold Island has a new look for the Festival of Yay featuring all sorts of holiday cheer.

Festival of Yay on Cold Island

New Yay Outfits

Maggpi and the Dipsters have brand new threads this season!

Festival of Yay Maggpi

Yay Decorations & Obstacles Have Returned

Deck the halls  year-round with animated Festival of Yay Decorations and Permanent Festival of Yay Obstacle Decorations, available for a limited time!

Festival of Yay Decorations

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