The Monster World’s most Magical update ever!

Discover new sights and sounds and explore the pocket dimension anew with the discovery of a new Island, the Magical Sanctum, where three new Monsters reside. Just like Ethereal Island, it’s up to you to teleport the four Single-Element Monsters from their home Islands to Magical Sanctum.

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What’s New

Update 3.1 Trailer

Watch as the Magical Monsters get some help from Ethereal friends to embark on a psychedelic Teleportational journey, where they will make magical discoveries:

NEW Island – Magical Sanctum

Few are brave enough to explore the dark nooks and crannies of the pocket dimension… but if you are, there you’ll find the majestic Magical Sanctum. There are so many new incredibly magical sights and sounds to experience, right now!

Magical Sanctum Logo

NEW Magical Monsters!

Of course, the sacred Magical Sanctum is home to Monsters like never seen before. Say hello to your new favorite musical trio:
Frondley, Knucklehead, and Xyster! Available to collect now.

New Magical Monsters

More new Magical Monsters are ready to join the Monster World every
two weeks. Keep playing to finish your Magical Sanctum collection!

Ethereal Island Market Update

While we explore the pocket dimension, let us not forget about the Ethereal Island, where you can
now buy Single-Element Monsters right from the Market!

Monsters Store on Ethereal Island

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