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Hoola, Rare Hoola, and Epic Hoola Return!

Hey Nana Hey! Hoola has returned to celebrate the 10th Monster World SummerSong Event! The notorious prankster surely has some tricks up its sleeve, but will likely be spending most of its time enjoying the party on Earth Island! There’s no doubt Hoola will be joined by its Rare and Epic counterparts during the Event, however you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled so you don’t miss out on their limited availability! Pay special attention to our social media platforms during SummerSong – you may be able to spot Epic Hoola in some unexpected places… BAH!




NEW Monster: Rare Incisaur

Rare Incisaur has a special talent of breaking down its Treats before devouring them by using venom instead of saliva! Fortunately, this potent toxin will not harm Monsters if it is accidentally ingested – reports from Monsters who have unintentionally eaten some of these venomous drippings have reported a rather mild side-effect of hiccups. Out of caution and care for its Monster friends, Rare Incisaur extends its neck frill outwards to warn others when it’s hungry (and therefore, salivating!). 



NEW Monster: Rare Tympa

Wubbox has once again used its Spark of Life to unlock the evolutionary potential of another Rare Wublin! Rare Tympa’s appearance is a seemingly perfect match for the gloomy hues of Wublin Island and its constant Electrically stormy environment! That hairdo, though, is perfect for any type of weather, and any kind of mood!





NEW SummerSong Costumes Series

This year we are excited to release a brand new collection of SummerSong costumes to join the roster of fun and sunny getups! Check out the nine new SummerSong apparel right now! You may be “shocked” by which Monsters are sporting a new fashion… We would remiss not to highlight the ELECTRIFYING In Da Club Costume for Wubbox – available for a special introductory discounted cost only for a limited time at the start of SummerSong!





NEW SummerSong Remix Album

With DJ Epic missing from Club Box, the Monsters worked together to ensure the SummerSong 2023 Party would go on! We’re excited to announce our friends at Monstercat are releasing a SummerSong 2023 Party Album. Rock out to a Monstrous Amber Island Remix by Vintage & Morelli, a dreamy Mythical Island Remix by Cyazon, and a Wub-tastic Wublin Island Remix by Saxquatch. 

You can check out these three SummerSong Remixes RIGHT HERE



Seasonal Island Skin: SummerSong

Kick back and relax on the brilliant and serene beaches of the SummerSong Earth Island Skin! Your Monsters will undoubtedly want to lounge by tiki torchlight by night and build sandcastles by day during the dog-days of Summer. If you missed your chance to buy it during our impromptu Summer Getaway event earlier in Anniversary Year, the SummerSong Island Skin is now available for purchase so that Earth Island can rock the tropical decor all year round!




SummerSong Obstacle Decorations

As in SummerSong tradition of years past, Earth Island Obstacle-Decorations are back and ready for some summertime fun! Chill out beneath the husk umbrellas or on a chaise lounge after a long day of surfing. You may even want to take a dip in the tub or sit beneath a shaded parasol! Be forewarned – don’t drink from the coconut rocks – it seems their liquids may have dried up!


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Hoola, Rare Hoola, and Epic Hoola

NEW Monster: Rare Incisaur

NEW Monster: Rare Tympa

NEW SummerSong Costumes

NEW SummerSong Party Album

SummerSong Seasonal Island Skin

SummerSong Themed Obstacle-Decorations

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