What’s New in Version 4.2.0

NEW Island: Magical Nexus

There’s a being who’s sure all that glitters is gold… and it’s buying a stairway to heaven.


Starting in Version 4.2, you’ll be able to Transpose eligible Level 18 Magical Monsters, who will embark upon the journey of a lifetime (and so many stairs!) and land in the hands of the Stair Shaper. This enigmatic being can vibrate matter at a different musical key and cause it to ‘step’ up or down to access new physical states. Once a Magical is successfully Transposed, it will be ready to experience the awe and wonder of Magical Nexus!    

But the Stair Shaper isn’t the only mystery on Magical Nexus! At the center of this new island hovers the Nexus Nucleus. This Structure serves as a conduit of the Magical energies that accumulate as more Monsters are Transposed to the Nexus. It’s able to accomplish this by absorbing their energy signatures and converting them into a tangible form – Currency payouts for YOU!

Check out Magical Nexus right now and see all of the exciting things this whimsical Island has to offer!


NEW Monster: Rare Dermit

The Wubbox really shook things up when it created this brand new Rare Wublin! Harnessing the power of RitRawt, an organic parasitic pathogen, Rare Dermit appears to be covered in quite the overgrowth of fungus and mushrooms. The good news, though, is that this Rare Monster doesn’t seem all that fazed by its fungal fittings. In fact, it seems to pair well with its endless boogying and bopping!

NEW Monster: Adult Blasoom

Available starting April 1, 2024

Adult Blasoom dons a head full of historical knowledge (especially the Middle C Ages…whatever that means…), meaning this astute Celestial is always looking for ways to incorporate its extensive erudition into casual conversation. This is actually quite surprising, considering Adult Blasoom’s Element has strong ties to concepts such as rebirth and renewal…but we won’t give it a hard time about being so caught up in the past. Its Monster companions just want to see it thrive!


NEW Costumes: Eggs-Travaganza Collection

Available starting March 27, 2024


We’re so eggs-cited about our five new Eggs-Travaganza costumes, and we just can’t hide it! Your Monsters will be fresh outta clucks while whipping their hare back and forth in these eggs-ceptional Costumes!


Up to Scratch!

Promotion starting March 27, 2024

With another Eggs-Travaganza celebration in the Monster World comes another Up to Scratch promotion! For a limited time, you can get a free Monster Scratch Ticket every 24 hours! But wait…in an eggs-citing twist, you will now be able to gain scratch tickets on the Fire and Magical Islands as well! You won’t want to miss out on the eggs-travagant prizes you can score from these eggs-quisite scratch cards!

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