The original inspiration for the hit mobile game My Singing Monsters, Thumpies is now remastered and re-imagined!


Available today, full of toe-tapping mischief and off beat melodies, Thumpies is a unique rhythm-based game where you keep the beat alive by tapping in time with Thumpies as they bounce and tumble to the musical score. This wacky, finger tapping experience is a full remake of the 2010 classic which kicked off the globally beloved My Singing Monsters franchise. 

Featuring 26 unique and goofy Thumpies to unlock, across 17 levels and 83 stages, players will challenge themselves to master and Platinum each stage with an all new achievement system! My Singing Monsters Thumpies also offers a unique tie-in with the core My Singing Monsters experience, featuring exclusive costumes only available to owners of Thumpies.

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Thumpies is available now on the Apple App Store and Google Play for $4.99USD. 


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