More characters, more weapons, more mayhem!

Think escaping hordes of zombies was tough before? Think again! We’ve increased zombie spawn rates in this update, which means you’ll be facing bigger hordes than ever before. But don’t go crying to your mama just yet: we’ve also added a new weapon and three new characters to help you survive. Plus, weapons will now drop more often, so you’ll never be left defenseless!


Tougher Gameplay


The zombies were going easy on you before, but now playtime’s over! The enemy zombie spawn rate has been significantly increased, so get ready to battle massive undead hordes! To make sure you have a fighting chance against your enemies, the weapon drop rate has also increased — don’t get caught unarmed!

New Characters


Three new characters have emerged from the post-apocalyptic wasteland to fend off evil: Ryder, Synth, and Clowney! Each of these characters has their own uniquely devastating weapon to blow zombies away. Ryder is available for free, so you can start destroying hordes with his new weapon straight away!

New Weapon

Machine Gun

A new weapon will now have a chance of dropping on the map as you try to evade zombies: the Machine Gun. The Machine Gun is capable of firing a deadly 360 degree blast all around you, sending a clear message to surrounding zombies: back off, or get blown away!


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