Designer Diary – A music game with no music?

Do the designers have a background in music? Was there ever a version of the game that did include music as an element of gameplay? Sen: Yeah! I’m a classically trained pianist, violinist, and vocalist. I’ve sung in acapella groups at the Canadian National Exhibition and in choirs at McMaster University. I also had a career […]

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Q&A with Producer Sarah Parsons

  We recently interviewed Sarah Parsons, a Producer at Big Blue Bubble, about what their role and job entail! Read on to see all the interesting answers in this exciting Q&A session: Q: What is your role at Big Blue Bubble, and what projects do you currently work on? Sarah: I am a Producer who […]

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Experience London, Ontario

Tucked away in a corner in downtown London is where Big Blue Bubble has called home for over 10 years. While London, Ontario might not have a palace or a Big Ben to help us check the time, it does have the perfect balance between a city feel and small community living. This Southwestern city […]

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Spreading Christmas Cheer with Life*Spin

For four Christmases, Big Blue Bubble has sponsored a total of seven families through Life*Spin: a Community Economic Development (CED) organization serving low-income citizens in Ontario. Life*Spin’s Christmas program gives individuals and businesses the opportunity to sponsor an anonymous low-income family for the holidays by donating gifts on that family’s wishlist. Year after year, our […]

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My Singing Monsters Live

Our Journey to Twitch Partnership

Over the course of its 14-year history, Big Blue Bubble has contributed to a variety of charitable causes: Ronald McDonald House Charities, Canadian Blood Services, the London Food Bank, Children’s Health Foundation, Life Spin, Anova, and so many more. On November 5th, 2018, we embarked on our latest charitable endeavour: Extra Life, a 24-hour gaming […]

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A meeting at the Big Blue Bubble studio

The Internship Experience

The Internship Experience at Big Blue Bubble Big Blue Bubble has provided internships to dozens of post-secondary students at our London, Ontario studio. From art and animation to programming and quality assurance, we’re happy to help young professionals develop their skills through hands-on experience — while still having some fun along the way! Find out […]

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