Meet the Mudders

Tough Mudder: Meet the Mudders

Last week we got to sit in on one of the Tough Mudder Team’s stretching sessions which they do each day in preparation for their upcoming race to help prevent injury and muscle strain. Some of their favourite stretches include the Seated Twist Stretch, the Cross Body Stretch, the Standing Calf Stretch and the Cobra […]

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Our 2016 Interns

Turning Your Internship into a Career

At Big Blue Bubble we make a point of hiring several interns every year. This allows us to form partnerships with colleges and universities across Ontario while fostering the artists, designers, and programmers of the future. Every one of these interns is taking their first steps into the ever evolving videogames industry. In some cases, […]

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Big Blue Bubble Culture

Team Building Done Right

Team building is an aspect of office life often met with resistance. The mere mention of team building is enough to evoke images of grown adults, half-heartedly painting a mural in honour of teamwork and collaboration. When done improperly, team building becomes forced fun: imposing uncomfortable activities on the masses with no consideration for personality […]

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