Days of Yay

Mammott has made an important discovery while shredding the peaks of Cold Island: the ancient celebration of the Days of Yay! The Days of Yay are the 19-and-two-thirds days leading up to the whimsical Festival of Yay. On each day, you can look forward to a seasonal new surprise from the Monster-Handlers, announced on the My Singing Monsters Twitter and Facebook pages. Make sure you’re following us so you never miss a gift!

See Gifts from the Days of Yay:


Day Two-Thirds: The Discovery of the Days of Yay Video


Day One: My Singing Monsters Update 2.1.3

The latest update to My Singing Monsters has been released! Read about all the fresh new content here.

My Singing Monsters Update 2.1.3


Day Two: Google Play Gift Card

A $100 Google Play gift card is the Days of Yay gift that keeps on giving!

Google Play Gift Card


Day Three: Five Diamonds

Check your Mailbox in My Singing Monsters for this surprise!

Five Diamonds


Day Four: Holiday Cards

Wish your friends a monstrously happy holiday with these printable cards!

Days Of Yay Holiday Cards

Day Five: Rare Yool Gingerbread Cookie DIY

Follow this handy Instructable to bake and decorate your own Rare Yool gingerbread cookies!

Rare Yool Gingerbread Cookies

Day Six: Big Tree

Check your Mailbox in My Singing Monsters for a festive Big Tree that’s perfect for decorating Cold Island!

Big Tree


Day Seven: Radical Wallpaper Pack

Mammott is snowboarding straight onto your desktop, tablet, and phone with this radical wallpaper pack!

Snowboarding Mammott Wallpaper


Day Eight: Cold Island Punk Rock Remix

The Monsters have made a punk rock remix starring Yool! Check it out:


Day Nine: Marshmallow Mammott DIY

The Monster-Handlers made a quick and easy Instructable to help you make Marshmallow Mammotts for your hot cocoa.

Marshmallow Mammott Instructable


Day Ten: Ten Diamonds

Check your Mailbox in My Singing Monsters for this surprise!

Ten Diamonds


Day Eleven: Ten Relics

Grab this surprise from your Mailbox in My Singing Monsters to put towards your favorite Werdo!

Relics, a Whole New Currency


Day Twelve: Holiday Wallpaper

Download this festive wallpaper pack to use on your desktop, phone, or tablet!

Shooting Star Wallpaper


Day Thirteen: Monster Sugar Cookie DIY

The Monster-Handlers made another helpful Instructable to help you make some monstrously tasty sugar cookies!

Mammott and Entbrat Sugar Cookies


Day Fourteen: A Carol for Cold Island Remix

Get in the spirit with the Monsters of Cold Island in this all-new remix inspired by classic holiday carols.


Day Fifteen: $100 iTunes Gift Card

The Monster-Handlers are having a giveaway on social media to choose the winner of a special $100 iTunes gift card!

iTunes Gift Card


Day Sixteen: Fifteen Diamonds

Check your Mailbox in your My Singing Monsters app to enjoy this gift!

Fifteen Diamonds


Day Seventeen: Story of Sprinkles Wallpaper Pack

Click here to download this festive wallpaper pack for your desktop, phone, and tablet. Look out for the full Story of Sprinkles in the coming days!

Story of Sprinkles Phone Wallpaper


Day Eighteen: DIY Glowbe Ornament

Deck the halls with this quick and easy DIY Glowbe Ornament Instructable!

DIY Glowbe Ornament


Day Nineteen: The Story of Sprinkles

Discover the heartwarming tale of how Rare Yool got its sprinkles in our new video: The Story of Sprinkles!


Yippie Yay! Thanks for celebrating with us!


Happy holidays from the Singing Monsters! Want more seasonal fun? Follow My Singing Monsters on social media!

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